About us

Everchange Emporium is the new name for our shop which has been here since 2014. Previously we've used the name 'Betty's Books & Devon Art Supplies' but we wanted a fresh start for our family business in 2024. We feel that our new name reflects us better and allows us the freedom to enchance an develop the business as we see fit in the coming years. You'll still find art supplies, books, crafty kits, stationery and more inside. You'll also find the new space at the rear of the shop called 'Lunar Coven Cove' you can find out more about this business that we host inside our shop here.

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A little about me, the owner

Hiya, my name is Kerri-Ann Betty I'm the owner of Everchange Emporium a high street shop based in the seaside town of Seaton in Devon. I'm married, I'm a mum to two humans and three dogs. I have an art and design based Open Degree and a Masters Degree in Philosophy (Aesthetics focused) As well as illustrating and designing products I love gardening and reading. As well as running the shop Everchange Emporium, previous named 'Betty's Books & Devon Art Supplies' over the years I've illustrated using both traditional mediums and digitally. When working with physical art mediums i like to work mainly with watercolour and fineliners, my style tends to be quite expressionist often featuring flowers and foliage with quick marks and free flowing colours. When I work digitally i usually create more soft cosy illustrations, often based on nature and animals. 
Here on this website you'll find a range of products from the high street shop and ones i have created using my illustrations and designs, products i think you'll love and that are great for gifting too.